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You Are Not Alone – Grief

Grief is not a word people often think of when discussing baby making. But according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age are infertile. So you see, grief is the word that is often used in my psychotherapy practice. Historically girls grow up with a tendency of nurture. Look at the toys they play with: cabbage-patch kid, dolls, Barbie, etc. Little girls love to cradle their baby-doll, feed it, change its diapers, and put the baby in its play-stroller. When this girl grows up to be a woman, she still has the same dream. She dreams of being pregnant, feeling the baby kick inside of her, excited about the moment she will lay eyes for the first time on the child and looking forward to all the experiences she will have as a mother. When that natural-right is taken […]

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Married But Alone

Our society has an expected story of us: find love, get married, have children. Many women get in the frenzy of this expectation and lose sight of what is important: self-love. As a therapist, I meet women every week who suffer from a loneliness syndrome; each one of them is married. These women take care of their husbands, children, aging parents, find time to work outside-the-home and in-the-home. The loneliness syndrome is not about a person who has no friends, or who spends most of her time alone by choice. Loneliness syndrome is when a married woman cannot depend on her husband for support. Girls learn from young age the importance of “managing” the house, and with the women’s movement, she is now also responsible for earning money. Women take on more responsibilities every year, and feel guilty of asking for help. She makes excuses why her […]

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Relationships and Gadgets

Do we have too many gadgets in our life? I ponder this question as I sit in the living room on a Friday night with my husband. We are both watching TV, playing on our smart phones, and here and there insert a conversation. Are we committed to any of the three items we are attempting to do? I start to think… this the way I relax and unwind after a long week of work? I know that is my attempt, to relax in the company of my husband. But am I? In today’s society we are very dependent on our gadgets. I was at a conference recently where I saw (and may I add that I was one of them) people multi-tasking between a smart phone, and a few of us had two, laptop, and listening to the speaker (HELLO….this is why we are all here). […]

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Who Said Holidays Were Happy Times?

As I flip through the channels on TV, laying in bed, and thinking, I decide to take out my laptop and start writing. I hate how all the movies and sitcoms are about the holidays. You may be reading this and saying, well du-uh Alina, that’s nothing new. Or you maybe reading this and saying, yep and I hate it. If you are part of the later camp, you are probably crossing off your calendar waiting for January 2nd to come. You are waiting for all this holiday hoopla to pass, so that you can get on with your life again. I mean, the holidays are great….if you have a loving family to celebrate it with. If you have happy places and events to attend. But you are dreading spending a minute longer then you have to with your family, that is, if you are lucky to […]

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Surviving the Holidays: 10 Tips for Adult Children of an Alcoholic

Holidays bring up lots of emotions and if you are not aware of particularly the sad ones, this can be a difficult time of the year. If you grew up in a house where at least one of your parents was an alcoholic, you may be wondering to yourself “how am I going to survive the next month”? The internal conflict you are feeling is normal. As a child you were affected by your parent’s behaviors, your days were happy or sad depending on your parent’s mood. The same unpredictable behavior is what brings up the internal conflict now. Part of you is really looking forward to spending the time with your family. Seeing them around the Thanksgiving table, or opening up the gifts on Christmas day. If you are now a parent yourself, you probably want your kids to spend the time with their grandparents, cousins, […]

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