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The Scenario…

You have a hard time trusting men, or anyone, or you hold onto relationships even after they have stopped working. You tend to have relationships with alcoholics or addicts, and you constantly seek approval from others. You isolate yourself, especially in the face of problems, and you tolerate abuse, whether it be physical or emotional. You feel you have to be in control all the time, and have low self-esteem. For years now, you’ve suspected something was wrong, and you can’t go on anymore this way. You don’t think of yourself as an alcoholic, but you are starting to notice similar patterns in your lifestyle as you did in your alcoholic parent.

I’m Here to Help

Alina Steinberg Baugh, LMFT  |  Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I understand that children of alcoholics were raised with 3 very damaging rules, whether they were spoken or not: don’t trust; don’t feel; don’t talk. I work with clients to help heal the damage of these rules, and get beyond them. I help extensively with the dynamics of substance abuse and recovery, including how addiction affects family functioning, and the effects of growing up with caregivers who were alcoholics. Adult children of alcoholics tend to be codependent, meaning that they put other’s needs before their own. Focusing on others and seeking their approval becomes central to their lives. They may not express or even know how they feel about things. They have low self-esteem, and try to control others by becoming needed and therefore, validated.

One key approach I take with adult children of alcoholics is to help them separate the past from the present. They need to realize that when they overreact to daily events or situations, they are really feeling their pain from the past. Once they have that skill, they can start to move on. I also explore codependency with them, and provide a supportive environment where I listen to them fully, understanding the trauma they have experienced. I enjoy helping clients focus on their lives and needs, while acknowledging their past, so they can heal, be more grounded, and lead happier, more balanced lives.

Seeing a Therapist will help you move on.

I would love to talk to you personally and see how I can assist you in finally getting the help that you’ve been looking for.

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