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Alina Baugh, LMFT helps couples who are coping with infertility

 The Scenario…Without Children, We Are So Alone

You see babies and children everywhere. Other people’s children. Other people’s babies.  Pregnant women, both friends and strangers. But it doesn’t matter. You find yourself staring at them both, even though it’s just a painful reminder of what you don’t have. How you’re still trying to get pregnant. It’s unfair…why should you have to be alone? Why is it so hard for you, when it seems so easy for other couples?  Your anxiety and depression are getting worse everyday, as you try and cope with the latest treatment or alternative. You don’t know where to turn.

I’m Here to Help

The infertility experience is filled with stress. Research shows that the emotional pain women experience going through infertility is similar to those dealing with cancer, HIV, and chronic pain. Coping with infertility is hard, and needing help is 100% normal, although couples experiencing fertility problems often feel guilty and helpless, and they tend to blame themselves or their partner for the fertility problems. It’s not uncommon for couples to feel frustrated, angry, and impatient, or even like they are “going crazy, ” as they try to cope with the many challenges associated with building a family. These can include: pregnancy loss, sexual problems, emotional upsets, relationship difficulties and spousal conflict.

If you are having trouble trying to get pregnant, have a diagnosis of infertility, have experienced unsuccessful infertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) or artificial insemination, or other alternative options, I am here to help with the emotional  issues that can arise from all of this. I assist clients in finding clarity in identifying their best options, and providing them with healthy coping techniques as well as a safe place to express their emotions. Some of the clear and achievable goals I set out to achieve with clients are:

  • Recognize that a fertility problem is a crisis– acknowledging this is key to coping
  • Stop blaming yourselves and falling into negative thinking patterns
  • Learn to work as a team with your partner
  • Educate yourselves on fertility resources, support groups, advances, and techniques
  • Set healthy limits on time and money…how far are you willing to go to get pregnant?
  • Achieve balance in your life, and reconnect with friends and interests

I can be reached at 650-539-9662 or the online contact form  and would love to discuss how infertility  counseling can help you.

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