You Are Not Alone – Grief

Grief is not a word people often think of when discussing baby making. But according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 1 in 8 couples of childbearing age are infertile. So you see, grief is the word that is often used in my psychotherapy practice. Historically girls grow up with a tendency of [...]

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Married But Alone

Our society has an expected story of us: find love, get married, have children. Many women get in the frenzy of this expectation and lose sight of what is important: self-love. As a therapist, I meet women every week who suffer from a loneliness syndrome; each one of them is married. These women take care [...]

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Relationships and Gadgets

Do we have too many gadgets in our life? I ponder this question as I sit in the living room on a Friday night with my husband. We are both watching TV, playing on our smart phones, and here and there insert a conversation. Are we committed to any of the three items we are [...]

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Who Said Holidays Were Happy Times?

As I flip through the channels on TV, laying in bed, and thinking, I decide to take out my laptop and start writing. I hate how all the movies and sitcoms are about the holidays. You may be reading this and saying, well du-uh Alina, that’s nothing new. Or you maybe reading this and saying, [...]

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Surviving the Holidays: 10 Tips for Adult Children of an Alcoholic

Holidays bring up lots of emotions and if you are not aware of particularly the sad ones, this can be a difficult time of the year. If you grew up in a house where at least one of your parents was an alcoholic, you may be wondering to yourself “how am I going to survive [...]

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